Friday Spark: Albert Einstein on What Counts

Butterflies in the Rainforest Room at San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

–Albert Einstein

I've been in a sort of paring-down mode for several months, and even now—even after taking bag after bag of things to Goodwill and even after my mother lovingly and concernedly asks me just what, exactly, I've been wearing since I seem to have given all of my clothes away—I still feel the need to simplify everything. You know that I've been decluttering my bookshelves, with much success and an overall feeling of intellectual freedom. So nice. That nagging need to get rid of things and streamline my life is hitting everything in sight, and I think it's for the better. It's much easier to focus on the things I love when I'm not distracted by things I'm ambivalent about or don't even really like! Tonight, I got rid of my Vine account. I had planned on using it to make fun, bookish videos to share and was excited to connect with everyone in a new way, but I realized that I would much, much rather spend my time writing to you, working on my other writing projects, or reading. So I zapped it. And this afternoon, instead of fiddling around on my phone (I deleted ore apps—hooray!), I spent a good hour reading El Juego del Ángel. And it was simple. And it was divine.

Happy weekending,

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