Happy Blogoversary, Keep It Lit!

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I can hardly believe this, but tomorrow is Keep It Lit's one-year anniversary! When I started writing here, my goal was to create a space that I felt was lacking—a space where we could take literature down from its ivory tower and play with it! This past year has been so much fun. It's been an amazing way to meet new people and talk about things we might normally not bring up at all, and I'm so happy to have you here with me to celebrate. A true blogoversary should be celebrated with verve, so today I'm wearing my typewriter necklace, doling out high fives, and serving you up a long list of my favorite articles from this past year. (I'm also celebrating with a new domain: keepitlit.co. Yes!) Cheers!

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Casa Mila or La Pedrera in Barcelona, Spain

Phoenix Art Museum

This year, we talked about keeping commonplace books, poetry's link to memory, and separating taste from value.

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Hand writing in a journal

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This past year was also full of learning, with how to's and discussions on retaining what you read, backing up handwritten work, decluttering our bookshelves, making the move to digital submissions, and how music affects our creativity.

Burbon and leather couches in a home library or study
Ideal study: 12 years old
Praia bar at Uxua in Brazil
Sherlock Holmes Halloween costume
Sherlock Holmes

We also got creative and starry eyed, conjuring up an ideal study, dreaming of destination writing retreats, cobbling together literary costumes, and eavesdropping on authors' playlists.

Interview with writer Adam Johnson, author of The Orphan Masters Son

One of the year's absolute highlights was interviewing Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Johnson. Yes!

Pirate hat Verdant green Irish countryside

I also shared with you my creative rituals, how I'm making creative space, and what new adventures lie ahead.

What a year! There's so much more that went on than these links show, and it's amazing how much I've learned simply by writing these posts, sharing with you, and learning from you, as well! Thanks to all who are reading, and here's to another year full of adventure, exploration, and wonder.

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