Gallery: Self-Publishing Promotions, Thinking Like a Writer, and NYC Type

Collage of San Francisco California
San Francisco... I'm gonna miss you!

Two days to takeoff! Can you believe it? I can't! I've got my lit-kit packed up, my to-do list checked off, and am prepping to say my farewells. (Sad!) The past few days have been the standard mix of excitement, sadness, anticipatory nostalgia, and happiness. You know how that goes. We had a fantastic send-off party on Tuesday, with all of our San Francisco friends, a photo booth, some drinks, and an ice cream bar, and this Saturday will be a farewell to the city itself. For the next week or so, I'm going to be focusing on traveling—and recovering from jet lag! I'll be taking the next week off from the blog, but expect a full update on Dublin soon!

★ I love this look at type in NYC. It never ends. 

★ You've heard me talk about the merits and drawbacks of e-readers before, and now, this researcher is finding that e-readers might thwart learning.

★ Considering self-publishing? There are a ton of things to keep in mind when promoting your self-published book. This is fantastic.

★ An interesting discussion of the rise and fall of the English major. Yes.

. . . writing well isn’t merely a utilitarian skill. It is about developing a rational grace and energy in your conversation with the world around you.

★ Who wants to get their summer school on with me? Learn how to think like a writer!

★ Kids reading to shelter animals. I knew I loved Montana for a reason.

★ I do love me some Maureen Johnson. Listen to her.

The lit-love might go quiet here for a few days, but if you'd like to keep up with what's happening, let's be Twitter buddies or Instagram friends. 

Back soon, on Dublin time!

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