Gallery: Managing Creative Life, Mystical Graphology, and the Unseen Sea

Christ Church archway in Dublin, Ireland
Oh, it's grand. Hee!

Weather: still lovely.Weekend: to include a road trip, a 1970's caravan, bog ponies, and something called the Ring of Dingle. (Try saying that one without giggling.) Yes, we're off this weekend to explore that fabled Irish countryside, and I'm excited! We've managed to find a rad-looking place to stay, and the woman hosting us offers free breakfast (with vegetarian options!) and many opportunities to pet the farm animals she has, including the bog ponies. Yes! If this gallery seems sparse, I'll tell you a secret: I've cut myself from social media, except on Saturdays, and have been writing in the mornings and afternoons. It's wonderful.

★ I've been eyeing this book about managing your creative life for a while now. The lineup of contributors is intriguing!

★ The word mayonaissehas always been one that I say a bit oddly. Apparently, I say it more like someone from Texas and less like someone from Montana! How about you? Check your pronunciation against this linguistic map of the US and tell me where you land on the map!

★ Graphology is interesting, but this infographic of handwriting sort of makes it out to be more mystical, like reading palms or something!

★ If there's one thing I learned about in San Francisco, it's fog. This timelapse of the "Unseen Sea" is amazing. 

I'll be sure to take plenty of photos of our excursion, since Ryan will be the one driving (a stick shift on the left side of the road—send us all the good vibes you have), and I'm also packing my notebook because I hear that there are some characters to be found in the pubs out there. I can only imagine the words I'll be adding to my vocabulary. Hah!

Have a great weekend!

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