Gallery: Abandoned Books, Nocturnal Creativity, and 130 Years of the Brothers Grimm

Gorgeous architecture and flower boxes in Dublin, Ireland
Oh, it's grand!

This week, I'm pret-ty happy about ★ writing schedules and french pressed coffee ★ smartphone note-taking on the fly ★ sunshine in Dublin! ★ visitors from overseas midday cafe excursion along the canal ★ Grimes ★ upcoming travel plans ★ ubiquitous flower boxes ★ taking on my goals list ★ Gelly roll pens that leave sparkles everywhere ★ online ebook checkout from my local SF library (love!) ★ blogstalking my sister ★ an abundance of chèvre!

★ Did you read all the Brothers Grimm fairytales when you were younger? I loved them, and these "best illustrations from 130 years of The Brothers Grimm" definitely do the stories justice.

★ Art galore! Get inspired by Jennifer Davis' paintings, and then submit your 500-word short story to Paper Darts for publication.

★ I have a really hard time not finishing a book. (I think we've talked about this...) Maybe that's why this infographic of the top books people abandon (and why) is so interesting to me!

★ Watch out, Ireland: there's a new press in town.

★ Do you pretend to have read books you feel like you should have read but never got around to? You're not alone. Yikes! Hah!

★ This is an interesting take on why we tend to be more creative at night.

What are you happy about?


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