Gallery: Hotel Libraries, Wanting to Write a Book, and History's Forgotten Women

Pints on the corner in Dublin, Ireland
The weather remains good but occasionally rainy. Weather has never featured so heavily in my daily conversation. Hah!

What happened to July?! Wasn't it just here? I really can't believe that it's August, mainly because that means I've been in Dublin for a month. Unbelieveable. And just as we're beginning to feel at home here, we'll be whizzing back to the States this weekend and then boomeranging back to Dublin seven days later. Long flights aren't my favorite thing, but I'll be checking out a few new ebooks from the library so I have plenty of selection without the heaviness factor. Maybe this time, instead of watching Game of Thrones for eight hours straight, I'll get some reading done!

★ I'm thrilled that after 10 years of hard work, one of my favorite writers and human beings, Courtney Maum, will be published soon with Simon & Schuster. YES.

Collaborate in real-time with your writing partner? I don't have any co-creating projects at the moment, but this is worth checking out!

★ " “It’s a new luxury item,” she [Jenny McKibben] said of books." Um, yeah they are, when books are appearing in your five-star hotel!

★ Philippa Gregory kept me up to all hours the other night. I can't get enough of her works and her focus on history's forgotten women is fascinating.

★ Best productivity hack ever: READ MORE.

★ Smush your face up toward some Van Gogh paintings. Appreciate a zoomed-in look at these famous paintings.

★ The hulabaloo about JK Rowling's outing as crime novelist Robert Galbraith is dying down, but here's a great take on what Rowling's pseudonymous experiment might mean for publishing.

★ A few bad words, but an on-the-money statement of what writing a book is.

It’s for this reason that “wanting” to write a book is not enough. It’s not therapy. It’s not an “experience.” It’s hard f***ing work.

★ How do you feel about self-publishing? Would you do it? What if self-publishing means a best-seller?

There's something about the newsstand magazines in an airport that just mesmerize me. Do they do that to you, too? I'm always so tempted to snap up a bunch of them, despite the fact that they bore me to sleep once I read them. I'm more of a book person, but what about you? What reading material gets you through hours of flight?

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