Gallery: Literary Fashions, Kinesthetic Communication, and Hitchcock Statistics

Foggy downtown San Francisco, California
Foggy San Francisco

Some surprises can be so amusing.I rarely look at analytics or tracking for Keep It Lit, but out of curiosity, I checked into some of the more standard metrics yesterday and actually laughed out loud at what I found. Among the other search terms that lead people here, someone has been finding Keep It Lit by searching things like like napkin, shark week puns,and mad libs shipwreck. Hah! I love you guys!

★ A bit old, but check out these literary fashions! I like that Middle Earth map-dress. Yes, I do!

★ Louise Androlia has something to say about waking up:

What makes you happy? live inside it, work at it, mould it into your dreams, people will be drawn to your ideas and your ways YOUR WAYS, you don’t need to be understood by the whole world if you can work out how to see yourself.

★ Fascinating how our gestures can reveal or fill in gaps in comprehension.

★ It's been a bit of a rough week (sleep-wise) for me, so these ten ways to get happy are right on the money. More sleep? Don't mind if I do!

★ 25 Steps to Being a Traditionally Published Author cracks me up, but beware: cursing!

★ Murder, he wrote? Alfred Hitchcock would've been a whopping 114, and here's a load of murderous info-stats on his work. After that, maybe check out Hulu for Alfred Hitchcock Presents. (I'm completely addicted.)

★ I completely agree with this article: You Don't Need to Go Back to School. There are so many resources in the world to teach you what you need. Don't get into crushing debt just to learn something you can get elsewhere, for a better price! (I say this as someone who adored school. Don't hate!)

★ Check out these haunting illustrations of Irish myths. I love them!

I have just a few words in closing: Villa Bamba, Arctic cloudberry, nixie pixie party. Oh, and dirndl.

Happy weekend!

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