Gallery: Absurdity for Increased Intelligence, Dream-Building, and New Salinger Books!

Latte at 3FE in Dublin Ireland
Autumn = more coffee, right?

Here we are, slip-sliding into that glorious transitional phase between summer and autumn! Can you feel it? That wonderful hum in the air? Do you smell the wood smoke and the turning leaves? Fall is coming for us, and I hope you're as excited as I am! Per usual, I've already started listening to my autumn playlists which, if I'm honest, aren't playlists at all but are more like Frank Sinatra and Vince Guaraldi on repeat. I actually do try to hold off, but it's hard to resist a favorite time of year, isn't it? And really, I can't be the only one who's starting to check out literary halloween costumes, can I? Come on!

★ If absurdity increases learning, this might be the reason why I love Alice in Wonderland so much!

★ YAY! Salinger fans, rejoice!

★ Language has always seemed to hold magical properties, and many cultures around the world have known this for ages. We're now proving the power of language with good ole science.

The study demonstrates a deeper connection between language and simple sensory perception than previously thought, and one that makes Lupyan wonder about the extent of language's power. The influence of language may extend to other senses as well.

★ Would you send books to prisoners?

★ This type of advice is never lacking, but these particular writing-tip lists are good, and some good for a laugh.

★ I love to hear about people chasing and creating their dreams! The moral of the story? When tackling your big dream, take it one room at a time.

Even if you're still in a summer kind of feeling, I hope you're enjoying whatever weather you've got. Get out there this weekend! Soak it up!

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