Gallery: Self-Publishing Need-to-Knows, Sassy Margaret Atwood, and Writing Contests!

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland
Trinity College!

There's something in the air that's giving me a hunger for moar books. I cannot get enough right now. Do you go through that from time to time? I've been through one book and then another, and I've had to have the logic-talk with myself about why it doesn't really make sense for me to start a whole new library here in Dublin. Sigh!It might be the crisp September air, or maybe all that back-to-school jazz that we're swimming in at the moment, but I'm on a reading bender, and there's no end in sight!

★ Would you ever self-publish? It seems like it might take a certain personality to really embrace that route—a personality much different than the stereotypical "writer" we think about. Read about these things to know before you self publish if you don't believe me!

★ Where have you been stashing all your fairytales?! These folks want all the magical tales you can conjur.

★ Margaret Atwood gets sassy when talking genres.

Horror/terror and “literature” are not mutually exclusive. In fact, tales of this kind may be among the most “literary” that there are, being both very ancient, and – unlike, say, social realism, in which a real tour of a real meat-packing factory may be involved – derived entirely from other tales.

★ And speaking of Margaret Atwood, I missed her in Dún Laoghaire on Tuesday! THE HORROR. It turns out they've got quite a nice literary festival that I had no idea about, called the Mountains to Sea Book Festival. It's still going on, but I've missed all the events I'm interested in. DRAT.

★ A coterie of contests. (Writing ones, that is!)

Devouring books like,

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