Life Plans and Literary Goals

Waterfall in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland
The Guinness Storehouse waterfall

I've been in a list-making, life-planning sort of mood lately. Do you ever get those? In the past weeks, my notebooks have become flooded with must-reads 1, 2, 3, …89, 90, and 91. With "attend suchandsuch reading, participate in whoseewhatsit open mic, visit whatchamacallit book fair." With plans for books about every shade in the rainbow! I only hope I have enough time (and the attention span) to get it all done. 

There's something about reading others' goal lists that really is inspiring. I've been perusing list after list that I've found on Pinterest, through other blogs, and on Twitter, and I've been writing up a monster of my own. I really like the idea of setting out learning and creative goals for myself to take in whatever order I like and really get down to business. These are just a few of my latest goals, to be completed within the next couple of years: 

​18. Send a message in a bottle.

​22. Improve my handwriting, signature, and cursive.

​23. Read at least 3 Joan Didion books.

​27. Find a Spanish-language partner and meet weekly for conversation.

​41. Finish reading the Hunger Games series. I stopped at book one, and I loved that book. What happened?!

​47. Take part in a writing course. The college experience, for me, was chock-full of writing, but not always in the creative sense. I think I could use a dose of educational creativity.

​48. Journal daily.

​49. Reread all the Harry Potters.

​90. Watch 8 (good) foreign films.

​98. Join a book club. I've never been part of one! Have you?

​109. Read 12 books on an area I'm not entirely familiar with (i.e. architecture and design principles, survival skills, etc.).

​117. Find a historical or contemporary figure who inspires me. Read all about them, and learn from them.

​124. Write up and illustrate my own field guide.

Are you a list-making, literary mavin? What's in your goal index? Share here, so we can all get inspired. To the moon!

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