Happy Blogoversary: Keep It Lit Turns Two!

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Happy second blogoversary! Can you believe this?! These past two years have flown by so quickly in a whirl of articles, comments, and connections, and I couldn’t be happier with you lot. Keep It Lit began as an experiment in having more fun with literature, seeking and making more meaning (and fun!) in our lives, and getting down to the core of what makes stories mean so damn much to us—whether funny or daring or sad—and I think we’ve done wonderfully. This year has been a year of changes. I moved four times before settling in overseas. Keep It Lit got pared down to the essential and eventually found a new, self-hosted after some major security concerns. I’ve learned (again and again) and shared with you how we can balance our creative selves with the rest of the world’s needs. Overall, lovelies, I think we’re doing just fine. Cheers to another year of literary marvelousness—may we read past midnight, write until our fingers cramp, and share the things that mean the most to us.

Let’s take a peek at last year’s adventures!

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Last year, we took a look at the first steps to submitting for publication, talked about how to create your ideal reading retreat, and took a good, hard look at what it means to be female on the internet.

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We also talked about how to simplify life so you can focus on creating. (That’s one of my absolute favorites. ❤) And we chatted about how to better our observation powers and how that can benefit our writing.

colorful Irish village

Things got a bit ridiculous with literary mad libs, and we stumbled onto pop-up libraries. We also discovered the most beautiful bookstore in the world.

Dominicanen bookstore in Maastricht's beautiful cathedral

This year’s going to be great, too!

Feeling nostalgic? Here’s a peek at Keep It Lit’s first blogoversary.

Have a fantastic week,

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