Yoga for Writers and NaNoWriMo Warriors

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If you’ve taken on National Novel Writing Month this year, congratulations! You’re over halfway through, which is no small feat. Odds are that you’re in the middle of your story right now—that oft-dreaded space where you may wonder how long you can keep your saga going when your main character seems to be lost, or is rambling on and on, or is spiraling quickly toward a conclusion that really should be a few hundred pages away! Odds are also that by now, you’ve been hunching over your keyboard or notepad for so long that you think your spine may be permanently question-mark shaped. Good news: this is normal.

As a freelancer, fellow writer, and two-time NaNoWriMo survivor, I can sympathize. Most times, around the midpoint of this epic month, my collarbones would start creeping toward my ears, where they would stay until I took measures to calm those suckers down. Unless you have glorious a standing desk, you’re likely feeling something similar, and this is where the good stuff comes in.

Hello, yoga!

If you’ve never done yoga because the woo-woo aspect freaks you out, never fear! Yoga is just a fancy word for calm stretching, and you can totally handle that, right? Yes! In the past few years, there’s been a burgeoning of “yoga for writers” that’s probably been a very long time in coming. If you’re feeling the curl of your spine from all your creative efforts, it may be time to get to stretching.

3 Yoga Resources for Writers

Tara Stiles: 3-Minute Neck and Shoulder Yoga

Tara Stiles has tons of great, quick stretching routines that really are effective. If you have 3 minutes, try these stretches for neck and shoulder stiffness to work some of the kinks out.

Electric Lit’s Yoga for Writers Infographic

Yoga for writers

In a word: hilarious. Electric Lit has always had a fantastic site, and their infographic take on yoga for writers cracks me up. From the “navel-gazing poet” pose to the “plot twist,” you’re sure to feel better after going through these poses.

Yoga Download’s 20-Minute Shoulder Opener Yoga

Yoga Download has tons of great stuff on their site and on iTunes, and it’s free! I’ve been doing this 20-minute yoga session for the past 3 years, and it really opens up your shoulders and back and gets rid of that hunchy feeling that writing can cause. 100% recommended!

Even if you’re not keen on following along with a yoga teacher, I’d really encourage you to get up, stretch a bit, and take a quick walk before diving back into your novel. 30 days is a long time to sit in one posture, to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and make it to the finish line!

Wishing you luck and excellent plot twists,

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