Happy New Year! Next year, I want...

Cardboard robot new year with fireworks photo by: Leland Francisco

Presents exchanged, stockings emptied, and the shimmer of Christmas is fading. We’re just two days from this year’s big countdown to cross the threshold into a new year! Some people love New Years, some people hate it, and (of course) there are those who really could not get excited about it, even if you put sparklers in their pants. For years, I tried to convince myself that New Years wasn’t something I should get enthused for, but deep down, I love all the energy around stepping into a new year. The idea that we can take the reins and really make change in our lives and the lives of others is something I can always get behind, so cynics, begone!

Next year, I want...

2014 has been great, but as we move toward a new year, I plan to have a new focus. Next year, I want to focus on feeling entirely capable and expansive. I want to spend more time outdoors and less time with a ceiling capping my brainspace. I want to give and create and move freely! I want to banish any small-feeling aspects of my life.

I want to feel expansive

From travel to creative goals, this year’s review is making me pret-ty excited for 2015! Here’s a quick look back—and if you’ve never done a yearly review for yourself, I highly recommend it. We so often forget all the awesome stuff that happened, and going over what you’ve accomplished and experienced is so rewarding. ❤

In 2014, I:

★ had my first magazine publication (on p. 32 :)

★ experienced my own version of being female on the internet

★ made the front page of Hacker News (!!?)

★ toured the Baltic by boat in Stockholm

★ was awed by the Vasa

★ broke my own sugar ban and ate Belgian waffles in Brussels (o. m. g.)

★ went to the most beautiful cathedral bookstore in Maastricht

★ ate as much fondue and raclette as I could in Morzine, France

★ became an aunt again!

★ saw the John Butler Trio live (love love love)

★ toured Munich and Rome with my parents on their first European adventure ❤

★ took both sweet and uber-dorky photos in front of the Eiffel tower

Sepia, couple sitting by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France photo by: Ryan

★ fulfilled my childhood dreams of visiting the Colosseum and Stonehenge! Absolutely amazing.

★ split my lip open in a go-kart crash

★ had an unforgettable trip to Poland, touring Auschwitz and Birkenau

★ saw the Eels live

★ fell in love with Lisbon

★ moved back to good ‘ol San Francisco

★ learned four magic words to help me keep promises to myself

★ returned to the mountains for a best friend’s wedding

★ took a writing course and found out that maybe it wasn’t for me

★ visited Austin for the first time

★ had a reading at Book Passage!

★ toured underground caverns by lantern-light

Whew! As 2015 draws closer, I'm getting more and more excited to lay out plans to get out of the country, become more involved in causes I believe in, make moves to become more independent on all fronts, and really step into the expansiveness that I've been craving.

If you could boil down all your desires and goals for 2015 into a single word, what would it be? Do tell!

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