Summer Travel Reads: Greece!

Beautiful blue water and boat outside colorful Parga, Greece photo by: adam rifkin

Summer, summer, summer, summer. I know you're right there with me! March has only just begun, but that hasn't stopped me from being entirely sidetracked by the idea of morning-fresh, sun-skin, golden-hour summer. As publications ramp up for their summer reads and warm-weather travel recommendations, who can help but be sucked in to the idea?

It's a rare thing for me to fall into the 'summer travel plans' category, but this summer I'm aiming for ancient ruins, shock-blue seas, and neverending feta, feta, fetaaaa! Good travel plans should always involve a bit of pre-reading, so I've been stacking my Wunderlist 'to-read' list with books on Greek culture, history, food, and must-see sites. On my list? Stealing a bit from Rick Steve's recommendations, here we go!

The Iliad book cover

The Iliad I was introduced to Homer and his works in 5th grade, around the time I totally fell for mythology as a whole. I loved the heroic journey and the endless count of characters who streamed thorugh the stories. In 5th grade, we studied the heck out of The Odyssey—but we never touched The Iliad! For shame. It's high time I fix this deplorable situation.

The Odyssey book cover

The Odyssey My 5th grade crush. What can I say? We read an abbreviated version, made our own illustrated books based on our favorite scenes, and I took so hard to the mythology that for quite a while, I wouldn't pick flowers because what if they were actually nymphs?!

The Food and Cooking of Greece: A Classic Mediterranean Cuisine book cover

The Food and Cooking of Greece, A Classic Mediterranean Cuisine: History, Traditions, Ingredients and over 160 Recipes This weekend I made some pretty amazing Greek food, and I'm ready to try some more! I love the simplicity of the flavors and the light, freshness. If you're not keen on feta, tzatziki, and olives... we'd better get you to a doctor because something is wrong here.

It's All Greek to Me: From Homer to the Hippocratic Oath, How Ancient Greece has Shaped Our World book cover

It's All Greek to Me: From Homer to the Hippocratic Oath, How Ancient Greece Has Shaped Our World For the nerd in us all! There honestly is little more that can please me as much as knowing where a certain phrase or idea comes from. As one of the greatest cultures in history, Greece has influenced us mightily, and I can't waaaait to read this and find out more.

Santorini off the coast of Greece

photo by: Antonio Castagna

In addition to those above and all the rest from my reading list that I've not submit you to, I also plan to reread my Edith Hamilton book on Greek mythology, which I received as a gift in 5th grade—solidifying my love for Greek lore.

If you have must-reads for all the Greeky things, let me know in the comments! Fiction, essay, travel guide, experiential descriptions—bring it on. Summer, get here already!

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