Happy Blogoversary: Keep It Lit Turns Three!

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Here we are: three marvelous, magic-marked, meaning-making years! Keep It Lit started as a tiny idea that kept me tossing and turning. I spent weeks writing sheaves of notes on what I wanted this space to be, how I wanted to build a community, and with what kinds of people (you all!). Creating a vision for what the focus would be was the easy part—content is flexible and organic and can respond to your readers' (your!) likes and dislikes. The harder thing? A name. Among the early stabs at dubbing this beauty were:

Lit for Brains (Still my fav—maybe one day I'll use this baby for an all-author band like Libba Bray has.)

Like, Literally (Ugh.)

Paper Jam (6th-grade punk band?)

So Telling (Emo.)

After many more false attempts, I landed on Keep It Lit—a three-ways-to-play name that references a love of literature, an encouragement, and my own surname. I was so pleased with the name that came to me like a gift, and ever since, I've been writing in ways that try to explore every nook and hollow of what it means to keep it lit. From visual book reviews and monthly roundups to hindsight comparisons and multiple takes on meaning-making, this past year has been a good one for stretching boundaries and testing new waters. Here's a look at some of those recent written excursions.

Literary Mood Board: The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

Last year, we dove into a new feature series to test out visuals + literature. My favorite literary mood boards and book reviews were The Happiness of Pursuit and The Book Thief.

The Great Hall rococo style in Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, Germany
Nymphenburg Palace's Great Hall in Munich

I had the good fortune to travel a lot last year, and I came across a reminder to dedicate myself to something that's an experience in itself and makes other comes alive.

Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore in Paris, France

Shakespeare & Co. delivered entirely as expected, and a visit to Poland left me questioning: what good comes from Auschwitz?

Stephanie Keep It Lit in Krakow, Poland with circle bread

I took another leap back across the Atlantic and reminiced on why my 12-year-old self thought writers wore this.

The Long Room in Trinity College's Old Library in Dublin, Ireland

Obligatory stop at the Book of Kells and Trinity College's Long Hall. Wowza!

Cat balancing on yoga feet

My writing course helped me understand how we can commit to what we want, and we unfurled from all that writing with some yoga for writers (and NaNoWriMo warriors!).

Adveture jeep black and white rocky mountain pass

I dealt with a bit of a writer's existential crisis, created a new self-commandment to make it for yourself, and took a few plot pointers from Alfred Hitchcock.

Beautiful blue water and boat outside colorful Parga, Greece photo by: [adam rifkin][rifkin]

Planning mode has kicked in, and I'm scoping out Greek summer travel reads and making more meaning.

Thank you for celebrating three years with me, for hearing my words and for letting me hear yours.

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Love, love love.

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