Summer Love: June Favorites

Golden theater curtain for The Marriage of Figaro at the San Francisco opera
Waiting for The Marriage of Figaro to begin at San Francisco's opera

What a month! Can you believe that we're halfway through the year already? This is around the time I start thinking that holiday music sounds good (I am a notorious holiday-indulger), but I'm holding out this time. This month has been full of launching new projects, finishing up lingering ones, family visits, birthday magic, and planning, planning, planning ahead. This yearly midpoint always gives me pause to reassess how I'm feeling about how the year. Is it going as I'd intended? Am I keeping my year's intention in mind with every move I make? If your New Year's resolutions, goals, or intentions have fallen by the wayside, I encourage you to pick them up again, if only to reexamine them to see if they still serve you or if it's high time you replaced them with something new.

I'm still happy with my intention to feel more expansive and capable, but I can see areas where I've begun tacking in a different direction and need to rechart my course. Part of that is taking stock of what's working and what's maybe not working so well, and finding satisfaction i n all that's working out just fine. In that spirit, here are some things I'm loving on this month!

✦ Discovering San Francisco's tiny (sometimes hidden!) lending libraries

✦ Catching up on my languishing National Geographic issues

✦ Being surprised with (HELLO) tickets to the San Francisco opera. If you're in the city and have the inkling, go see The Marriage of Figaro!

✦ A little decision that opens up a lot of possibility for a lotta lovely people throughout the U.S.

✦ Setting up my desk to be an actual workspace (it's been a while!)

✦ Anticipating our new couch. I've been sitting on the floor for nearly a month and am sooooooo ready for a cushy new seat!

✦ Buying myself do-goody birthday present that encourages me to give more

✦ Eating cherries by the pound!

✦ Trying my hand at cooking (even when the result isn't great. A for effort!)

✦ Finding a meant-to-be mashup with running and audiobooks

✦ Indominable spirits. Send some good vibes to my aunts who recently got in a serious collision and are recovering, slowly but surely. <3

Sending you ✦ summer love ✦, ✦ twilight charms ✦, and ✦ firefly winks ✦

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