August's End: Late-Summer Favorites

Tipi at sunset in Bozeman, Montana

August’s end has me sitting in Montana, looking out at mountains hazy with smoke and feeling the tiredness that comes from a big hike up to the tallest peak in the mountain range. I love Montana in autumn, and you can feel that we’re just on the cusp of it (this morning, it was 40 degrees and I could see my breath!). I’ll be back in SF for the fall but am keen to keep that cozy feeling with me, despite San Francisco’s notoriously late summer. As we ease into the last of summer, here are a few things I’ve been loving on:

★ Less internet (yes!) ★ Stewed peaches with blueberries ★ Boardwalk Empire ★ Morning light ★ Well-wishing friends off to new adventures ★ Office dogs ★ Waking up to puns texted overnight ★ My massive new couch! ★ Coffee with coconut oil ★ Bunny-spotting on neighborhood walks ★ No-makeup weekends ★ Plotting the impossible ★ Keeping an observation journal (best one so far: “Group of business people on the elevator—man’s leather bag overflowing with bananas”😆) ★ Morning meditation ★ Completing client work days early (yessss!) ★ Sunscreen sticks ★ Breakfast at the beach before hiking Land’s End ★ Choosing positive ★ Made-up, inside-joke emoji meanings ★ Holiday planning (yes, already!) ★ Perfectly timed layovers ★ Adding NASA’s celestial happenings events to my calendar ★ Vince Guaraldi for ever and ever and everrrr ★ Learning about ayurveda

What are your plans to wring the last of the goodness out of summer? I'll be getting outside as much as possible, sipping iced coffee in the sunshine, and wearing out my sandals.

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