Stephanie Keep It Lit
Photo by Stacey Worthington

Hello, you!

I’m Stephanie Keep. Welcome! I devour books. I write by hand. I love pirate statues, mountains, constellations, and everything to do with stories. I am, at heart, a literacy advocate and a believer that narratives are a huge part of who we are and who we can become.

Keep It Lit is a lifestyle blog that promotes inspired living through literature, discovery, and meaning-making. It's about exploring the world as a literate and literary being. About capturing the power of small moments. About being the masters of our fates—the captains of our souls!—through a better understanding of the people and world around us. I'm on a quest to share the literary love, and I'm so happy you're here!

Creates well with others

There's nothing I love more than working with fun, creative, whip-smart people like yourself. Collaboration should be my middle name! (Sadly, my mother opted for Gale.) But that hasn't stopped me from working with independent authors, emerging publications, small presses, and amazing businesses like Life as You Live it Photography. Most recently, I worked with Hayden's Ferry Review's online communities. There, readers and I discussed anything from "in your pants" jokes to surviving rejection letters, and I also instigated international roundtable discussions, where editors around the globe answer readers' questions. I've been writing online since 2006 and advising organizations on web content and social media strategy since 2010. I'm available for writing and editing, social media, and creative projects. Have something else you'd like to collaborate on? Get in touch!

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